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James Robinson Jr – 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Ten things you didn’t know about Fighting the Effects of Gravity

by James Robinson Jr.

  1. There are illustrations carefully placed throughout the book.
  2. The book took 15 years to get to its present form and underwent at least 5 paid ($6,000 worth) edits.
  3. I hired three agents to represent me to publishers before getting into digital publishing.
  4. I was offered a contract with an e-book reader called a “Rocket Book” about 8 years ago when there were no other e-book readers on the market.
  5. The book is a humorous memoir in essay form.
  6. The book speaks in a humorous way of subjects of death, old age, and failing health.
  7. The book is divided into two sections: the first section dealing with the physical manifestations and the second half the mental signs.
  8. Part of the book centers around the original symptoms of my midlife ailments: my falling butt. This problem is summed up on in a blurb on the cover of book: “My butt fell and it couldn’t get up!”
  9. One chapter deals with middle-age sex.
  10. The final chapter of the book ends in inspirational fashion.

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Genre – NonFiction Memoir

Rating – PG

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