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10 Things You Did Know About Christoph Paul @christophPaul_

10 Things You Did Know About Christoph Paul

I love cats, (not where you think this is going) like real animals. I really do. I have two cats Khadija and Benito who live with my mom because I couldn’t afford to keep them in NYC. I miss them every day. I request my mom to spend me pictures of them on her phone. My mom is, um…slow, when it comes to using technology. But every once in a while she figures it out. I do love dogs and my goal is not find a loving relationship with a women but to be in place of stability where I could have my own wiener dog.

For a male cat lover, I am a really big jock. I am huge Miami Dolphin fan; I get sad or happy by their wins and losses. I am from South Florida and though I never really fit in in there and kind of hate the place I still do and always will love the Dolphins. If I found true love and got married but knew the only way we would win the super bowl is if my wife cuckolded me with Ryan Tannehill…I would let him go to deep so to speak.

I am huge Marilyn Manson fan. Even though I wish he would stop music and just do painting and movies. I still love his early work. I think he is one of the most underrated songwriters of my generation.

I love romantic-comedies. I really do. I know people read my stuff about me having my girlfriend pretend she is dead so I have kinky ‘death sex’ with her but I am a romantic. People will see that in my next book “At Least I Get You In My Art & Other Poems”

I will never teach. People think I should but I really hate school and always will. I rather work at porn store or even the Govt. then teach high schoolers or undergarads….I have done both. Though I would make an exception to teach a class on the book “Sexual Personae”.

I want to do a parody rap album and pretend I am Drake’s evil little brother Rake.

I am a punk rock pop/blues musician and I am in the new band Moses Moses. It is with this dude who might be the best lead guitar player in New York City…just he is playing drums, and I am playing guitar and singing. But we have one song where he does not play drums but plays lead guitar and it is pretty special.

I think the TV show “Homeland” Season 1 was the greatest things to ever be shown on the small screen, but Season 2 and what is going on now is just biggest let down of any piece of art in the history of western civilization.

I am a freelance editor and love helping other writers’ stories. I am a content editor as I am sure this already has many errors in my answers. I am hoping to have The Only Prescription Editing and Social Media Services up and running by 2014.

I have a huge crush on the actress and writer Lake Bell, I just hope when I semi-famous she isn’t taken I get one date with her.

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